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The release of Coiltek coils for Whites (facts, proof, and nothing but the truth +)

So, among us diggers there has been a news story for quite some time already (perhaps a month) that Coiltek suddenly started to produce a series of coils for Whites Detectors (mostly metal detectors for gold). It was interesting to watch the reaction of many sensations lovers, but this post is not about that. I decided to dig deeper and find out what is the whole point of why suddenly the manufacturer...

Universal shaft of Mars MD review 4

Mars MD universal shaft review

I guess that only lazy guy and hobby detectorist know nothing about new universal shaft released by Mars MD company. Manufacturer of coils and accessories for diggers, main competitor of NEL Coils company, MARS MD released this shaft in 2016 and nowadays we have no any review in English. What is a problem? I don’t know, all I found is this review in German but with English subtitles. MARS MD...