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Nokta Fors Core depth test metal detector 0

Nokta Fors Core depth test (video+)

I went last day to detect with my friends and I was very surpriced, because one of my friend with Nokta Fors Core metal detector got a more finds, than me with my Makro Racer 2. Lol. As I always said – metal detector is just a tool in your hands, so it doesn’t bring you a finds, it helps you to detect finds, all another things is in your...

Nokta Fors Core finds 2

One day with Nokta Fors Core

Once my friend called me and said: «Hey, I’ve found one place, where before were the positions of Wehrmacht, we could go and see what we can find there». I didn’t think long and took with myself my new NoktaForsCore to try a new device in the real field conditions. The assembly took long of course – it was the first time, later the assembly took shorter time, but that...

Finds with Nokta Fors CoRe 0

NoktaForsCoRe and a real discrimination test!

How often do we watch the discrimination tests? Especially when some new metal detector is released, and the manufacturer together with the retailers immediately start making videos about different tests – discrimination test, some reviews, excavation of a fake treasure e.t.c. But how can you really check your device for the discrimination? Once my friend and I went for a dig, to explore a new location, where are situated the...