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Excavation Of An Old Inn – Testing The Makro Multi Kruzer (Photos+)

We continue the story of the Inn excavation. The first part can be found here! I want to share my first experience of excavating an old building. Back in the spring, in the midst of the digging season, I went with a fellow detectorist to an “empty” field, and according to the stories of other experienced diggers, a lot of coins were found on this field, mostly royal silver from...


Makro Kruzer, Multi Kruzer and Gold Kruzer – New Metal Detectors From Makro Detectors – Updated! (New for 2018 and Review+)

Here’s a new commercial from Makro Kruzer metal detectors: At least – it has some plot!   Yes, it happened! The well-known manufacturer Makro just announced three new metal detectors of the new series – Gold Kruzer, Kruzer, and Multi Kruzer! The only difference between these different models are the frequencies – the Multi Kruzer has multiple frequencies, while the Kruzer has one. The gold Kruzer model has a frequency...


Makro Kruzer – The First Update Is Available For Installation! (Instructions+)

The metal detector manufacturer Makro have released their first update for the detectors Makro Kruzer and Multi Kruzer. You can download it from the link in this picture, just click on it: This update affects small changes in the functionality of the metal detector: 1. With a low battery charge, the warning indicator now flashes to attract attention. 2. The detected object depth is now displayed longer on the display....