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Teknetics T2 metal detector 1

All you need to know about Teknetics T2 metal detector – review and tips

Another legend in world of metal detecting – Teknetics T2, professional metal detector manufactured and designed by Teknetics company in Texas, USA. Should place there – Made in Texas and gonna be proud of it. With that device you have everything you need for coin and relic hunting, to be honest, checking that features is making me impressed. What do we have? Usual 0-99 target ID, double filter discrimination modes...

XP Deus metal detector 3

XP Deus – all you want to know about professional metal detector by XP

Hey guys! I know, it’s a lot of information about this metal detector, 100% wireless, manufactured and developed by XP company in France, but I want to keep the most important things in one place. Here it will be, air tests of XP Deus, discrimination test and settings. As I know – you should waste a lot of time to learn this detector and understand it’s settings. It has own features,...

Finds with Nokta Fors CoRe 0

NoktaForsCoRe and a real discrimination test!

How often do we watch the discrimination tests? Especially when some new metal detector is released, and the manufacturer together with the retailers immediately start making videos about different tests – discrimination test, some reviews, excavation of a fake treasure e.t.c. But how can you really check your device for the discrimination? Once my friend and I went for a dig, to explore a new location, where are situated the...