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Restoring German Helmets With Wax! (Diggers Tips, Photos+)

I recently acquired a very fine piece, an original German M42 Stahlhelm. Now this helmet was in a good condition with the original paint and everything, but I had one question: was there anything I could do to make it look better and add some value to it without destroying it in any way? And does it work for a “dug” German helmet? The answer is: yes! As some of...


How An Iron Cross Suddenly Became A Knight’s Cross (Just How Important It Is To Clean And Identify A Find Before Selling It)

Recently, at one famous Russian WW2 forum, there were auctions as always, on the one hand, seemingly quite ordinary – well, a ground dug Iron Cross, and even in the corresponding condition, but on the other hand – a very instructive example of why it is important to clean and identify the finds before selling them. And all would be well, but when the seller decided to find out what...