New coil from CORS Labs – Cannon (review)

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  1. T Rogers says:

    In-air tests on Fisher F75 DST 2016 model : Sens80 , Disc6 , Notch1 , Tone1F , Mode JE. The CORS Cannon search coil gives Approximately 1&1/2″s increase in depth over ALL small silver/bronze/gold targets of coin/small finger ring size, over the standard 5×11″ bi-axial search coil. Signals clear and responsive. EMI free zone.

  2. T Rogers says:

    I agree. An air-test is what it is, simply an in-air test; however, if the test is recorded on a paper/card format with each individual target circumference outlined in ink/felt tip, and the respective target i.d recorded next to it, it provides an excellent future reference to the M.D,s ‘health’, and operating performance with the type of search coil/coils that are being used by the detectorist. So far, so good. The F75 paired with the CORS Cannon air-tested very well indeed. The true test is in the field. I hope that in the not too distant future, someone relates their experience using the CORS Cannon ‘in the dirt’ . HH.

    • Detectorist says:

      We’ve posted about performance of CORS Cannon with Garrett ACE 400i we have and it was excellent! The result was impressive, by the way. It updates your metal detector to a new level, I imagine what would be if Fisher F75 will have it, more finds, less left cool finds in the ground.

      • T Rogers says:

        You know it.

        • Detectorist says:

          By the way, F75 is one of the best detectors what I have seen. Quite difficult to learn, but it has a superb reactivity level and it works well on trashy ares with separating a lot of targets.

          • T Rogers says:

            Yep, the 75 is a good detector to be fair. I’ve not found it too much of a task to get the ‘feel’ of, however, as I’ve ‘cut my teeth’ with my old ‘war-horse’ Tesoro Tejon for several years, and I so I have some experience with a Real sparky machine that tests to the full, and still blows a lot of top-end machines into the ditch, in my opinion, unless its learning-curve has beaten a detectorists patience and it has ended up in the ditch itself!

  3. Tim Rogers says:

    I’ve been using the Cannon coil on my 75DST since December, and after a good 100+ hours plus I can say that I am very pleased with it indeed. The Cannon coil really does give more noticeable audio improvement on even the smallest of targets, (tiny roman bronze minim recovered at 9″, with a sharp, loud and clear signal). Enough said. The weight of the coil isn’t an over-burden, especially when compared to weight of the 15″ Fisher coil, as I use a popular brand of U.K over-shoulder sling, which allows effortless and accurate sweeping of the Cannon coil, at standard F75 sweep speed. Ground coverage is obviously better. Sensitivity settings not exceeding 60 worked better on my MD on pasture, with no loss of depth at all. The F75 is a pretty deep seeking MD anyway, and the Cannon coil enhances this. Money and research time well spent. Well done CORS!

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