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Nokta Double Score: Is This the Right Detector for You? (Review, Thoughts, Hands-on Experience +)

The Nokta Double Score, a recent addition to the market of metal detectors, has been acquired and tested by us here in hobby-detecting and we will now give you our review and thoughts on this detector. In this review we will look at the features, performance and design of the Nokta Double Score to see how it stacks up against other detectors in the market. Nokta Detectors, a company renowned...


Testing The Depth On The Nokta Impact! (Photos, Results+)

Hello friends, fellow detectorists and fans of our hobby! I recently went into the woods to test a new detector – the metal detector Nokta Impact from the Turkish company Nokta Detectors. For depth tests, I’m generally very cautious, because so many people try to wind up the result in one way or another, to sell more detectors. I stand a little away from this, I’m more interested in the...

Metal Detector Fisher F44 and CORS Detonation coil depth test! (Video+) 0

Metal Detector Fisher F44 and CORS Detonation coil depth test! (Video+)

Are you wondering how to improve detection depth on your simple Fisher F44 metal detector? That’s easy – and trust me, you will get more finds with it, because it is a lot of relic waiting to be detected located on a depth more than 15 cm. Why 15 cm? It is average efficient depth for the almost every cheap and semi professional metal detector! Answer is simple – just...