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Steiner Safari UltraSharp 10×30 – A Review Of The Binoculars For The Traveler!

Hello friends! I haven’t written about optics for a long time now. I will return again to this favorite topic. At the moment, we are talking about the next German product made by Steiner, offering us very high-quality optics at a quite friendly price. The Steins produce not only binoculars, but also monoculars, telescopic sights, collimator sights with a red dot and just prisms, in general, the choice is great....


Steiner Binoculars Wildlife XP 10×26 – Satisfied! (Review, Photos+)

Hello friends! I thought back at the end of last season that it would be fun to get some binoculars to myself (to quietly watch my neighbors (joking)), to watch during detecting what is happening around me. Very often I get worried about my car, I often leave it somewhere in the bushes or a bit in the line, so that people don’t see it and start wondering: “Who is...