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Finding The Aureus Golden Coin Of Maximianus Herculius! (Amazing Find, Photos+)

Not long ago, a very lucky detectorist found his find of a lifetime: a golden coin from the times of Maxmilian! Just imagine what he thought when finding such a coin, or instead of imaginin g it, you could read his history: Greetings to all comrades! There was such a tradition that before my birthday of April the 5th I go detecting in the hope of finding a gift for...


Minelab Safari – A Professional Metal Detector For A Beginner (Review, Photos+)

Greetings reader! One of my fellow detectorists bought himself a Minelab Safari and shared his experience and review of this interesting and not very common metal detector. I thank him for the review and give him the word: What kind of metal detector is the Minelab Safari? Well, finally I got my hands on a professional level device with a rather big price of 700 euros and a so-called model range...