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6″ Sniper Coil For The Minelab Equinox – Review And Tests!

So, here’s the long-awaited review of the sniper coil, size 6″, for the metal detectors series Equinox. The coil, weight, and review The coil itself is very light, it is understandable – its size is very small. It weighs only 301 grams. When installed on a metal detector, the balance is still maintained and this helps to dig with such a coil for a longer period. Yes, with very light...


Minelab Equinox 800 – Our Review Of This Professional Metal Detector!

I welcome all my fellow detectorists, readers and visitors to my blog! It is true that we have a lot of reviews, and that is, of course, good. Detectors and other detecting equipment should be checked, tested and written about, and there will be drawn conclusions, which someone might not like. But what can we do about that? We really need to write reviews so that you, the detectorists, know...