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Karma Coils Are Now Available For The Golden Mask And Nokta Impact! (News+)

As you can see from the first photo – the manufacturer of Karma coils from Bulgaria has expanded its range of supported metal detectors, and now the Karma 13″ coils are available for the Golden Mask series (GM4, GM 5+, and others) and Nokta Impact. For the Nokta Impact, this is especially good news, because, before that, only the unknown producer “BlackDog” was producing coils for the Impact, then they...


Karma 13″ Coil – Our Review! (Thoughts, Experience, Photos+)

As you know – the best way to add a bit of depth to your metal detector is to hang a coil larger on it. This does not mean that sniper coils have less depth, this is a big mistake, but in order to increase the productivity of your search and increase the number of finds, you need to have something more than just a regular 10 “or 11” coil...