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Golden Mask 4 PRO S – A New Modification Of The Popular Detector! (Photos+)

Recently, one of our Bulgarian fellow detectorists sent us a novelty – a new modification of the GM4, which is called the Golden Mask 4 PRO S. So far, what is its difference from the other Masks 4 is not called, but I will certainly supplement the post with news. Where to buy Golden Mask metal detectors? It’s a simple – there is an official shop in Bulgaria, “Klondake” with shipping...


The Golden Mask 5+ detector – my first impressions (a review of the new product for 2017!)

Have you heard about the new metal detector Golden Mask 5+? This Improved model carries the best of the Golden Mask 5, but with some key changes. I was naturally interested to see what this detector is, after all, the Bulgarian manufacturer have promised to increase depth by as much as 50% for small and medium-sized targets, which is a pretty serious statement! In the end, I ordered a Golden...


New detector announced for 2017- Golden Mask 5+ (what’s new, photos+)

I’ve never seen any of the Golden Mask detectors, neither in the fields nor in the hands of a digger. Over here it is not popular, and not very interesting manufacturer for digger. However, as long as the coins are in the fields and diggers find expensive things, many are trying to find new ways of finding more expensive and interesting finds, and therefore more and more people are starting to look...