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Golden Mask One – 15 kHz and 24 kHz detectors! (New from 2018)

So, it seems that the famous Bulgarian manufacturer of metal detectors Golden Mask is entering the metal detector market for beginners with a digital device! So far there is no data on the price, but they promise that it will be cheap. There will be two modifications that differ only in search frequency – the version with 15 kHz and the other with 24 kHz. Well, entry-level HFs, a good...


Golden Mask 5+ SE – 15-30 kHz (New Version!) 

It seems that the manufacturer Golden Mask from Bulgaria has modified its new model – the Golden Mask 5+ SE metal detector. This detector has now received changes and bug fixes, as well as a new version, in addition to the 8-18 kHz version, we now have the 15-30 kHz version. With this new detector, it is now possible to look for gold in the mountains and jewelry on the...


Golden Mask 5+ SE – Our Review Of The Metal Detector! (Settings, Tips, Photos+)

Greetings fellow detectorists! I have used the metal detectors from Golden Mask for a long time, this is so to say not the first year. I have some experience with the Golden Mask 4 PRO and the Golden Mask 5+, but in 2018 the manufacturer introduced a further improvement, the Golden Mask 5+ SE, which means SE-Special Edition, probably. So to speak, an even more improved version of the famous...