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XP MI-6 And Garrett PRO Pointer AT Z-Lynk Wireless Pinpointers: Which One Is Better?

Wireless pinpointers are now beginning to become very popular among diggers. Or more correct, pinpointers with a wireless connection to the detector headphones. At the moment, this system is supported by XP MI-6 and Garrett PRO Pointer AT Z-Lynk. The other manufacturers are on their way, it’s possible that Minelab and maybe Fisher/Teknetics is working on something? But it is known that the Nokta-Makro company has almost released such a...


Garrett Pro-Pointer AT Z-Lynk and MS-3 Headphones – Our Review!

I remember the time when we were digging without a pinpointer and, moreover, we did not even know what it was and why we needed it. And I won’t even mention wireless headphones – for us it was a completely different world and we did not even think about it. Detecting then was something special, at the level of semi-legal business and movement, when everyone was hiding while digging, and only...


Garrett Pro Pointer AT Z Lynk – The New Pinpointer From Garrett! (Data, Photos+)

It seems that 2018 is the year of pinpointers. New pinpointers from Fisher/Teknetics arrived on the market, then XP Detectors released their MI4, and now Garrett brings their update of the popular “carrot”, the PRO Pointer, to the market. So, meet the new pinpointer Garrett PRO Pointer AT Z-Lynk, that will soon go on sale. What is this novelty? According to technical data, the old carrot has been thoroughly reworked...