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Garrett ACE 400 air test (by Kellyco)

Guys from Kellyco have made an air test for new Garrett ACE 400 detector. Garrett ACE 400 is a new development, based on ACE 350 model, so it has more features, but until we will have any another video tests by coin hunters on Youtube it would be difficult for me to make any opinion about new machine by Garrett. Time will show and only you, my dear colleagues, will...

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ShotSHOW 2016, new Garrett ACE 400 finds and even more here (Digger’s Digest #1)

Morning guys! Have you visited Garrett Booth on the ShotSHOW? If you do not know how does it look like, so nuggetnoggin made a movie for you. His trip to the ShotSHOW 2016 and new Garrett products.   A new video from Garrett factory and it’s treasure and finds museum (really big collection!). Also some old detectors shown in the end of movie, just check it.   I cannot stop....

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How to use Garrett ACE 400i? Video

Already several months passed since at the exibition I had an opportunity to hold the new Garrett detectors, which were created to replace a truly legendary series of elementary level budget devices  Garrett ACE. The guys from Garrett made a huge job and managed to improve an already simple ACE construction, adding many novelties. Soon the new device series will come into the worldwide retail, and we’ll get more photo/video...