Garrett AT Pro International

Garrett AT Pro International

Model Features

Manufacturer: Garrett (USA)
Model: AT Pro International
Type: ground and underwater detector
Display: Yes
Technology: VLF
Frequency: 15 kHz
VDI / Numerical Target-ID: Yes
Automatic ground balance: Yes
Manual ground balance: Yes
Sound, tones: 3
Noise cancel: Yes
Adjusting the volume: No
Pinpoint: Yes
Using headphones: Yes


Search coil: Garrett 8.5×11 PROformance DD
Batteries: 4x AA
Weight:  1,4 kg
Length (min/max): 106-129 cm

Interesting machine. My first detector, I have used it for many years. Semi-professional with all functions you need for coin and relic hunting.


Forget people who tell you this is TOO COMPLICATED for beginners. It is one of the easier machines to work with beginner OR pro. It has just the right size coil for the majority of detecting and has the ability to use different coils to tailor it to a specific search criteria. Couple that with an extremely short learning curve and you have a sure bet when it comes to finding the ‘good stuff’. Excellent machine, Excellent Company. by Jim (Posted on 4/4/2016)

This unit is as good as it gets! It takes little time to adjust and off you go detecting. It has excellent depth even in our highly mineralized soil. The gauge gives you all the information needed to find your target. I like all types of treasure hunting and it does it all. If there was anything that I would change on the detector it would be that it was just a little lighter and that’s not to say it’s heavy because it’s not. I also own a machine from down under and this unit is much much easier to learn and use! Garrett has really done their homework. Outstanding job Garrett!  by Richard M (Posted on 3/29/2016)


Garrett AT Pro Panel


Garrett AT Pro