Garrett ACE 400

Model Features

Manufacturer: Garrett (USA)
Model: ACE 400
Year: 2016
Type: ground detector
Display: Yes
Technology: VLF
Frequency: 10 kHz
VDI / Numerical Target-ID: Yes
Automatic ground balance: No
Manual ground balance: No
Sound, tones: 3
Noise cancel: Yes
Adjusting the volume: No
Pinpoint: Yes
Using headphones: Yes


Search coil: Garrett 8.5×11 ACE DD
Batteries: 4x AA
Weight:  1,3 kg
Length (min/max): 106-129 cm


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New metal detector by Garrett. Close to Garrett AT PRO by all functions, but would it be as popular, as Garrett ACE 250-350? Time will show.

Interesting review found in Internet:

Put it together, walked across the street to a front yard I have hit with BH QS, Minelab 40 and Delta 4000. I could swear I picked that place clean but within 10 minutes I had 4 more wheaties and a HUGE smile on my face. Worked great, picked the wheats up at 4-6 inches and shows 82-83 Target ID on them. Its been 30 years since I metal detected and I’m back digging holes. by Netjunky (Posted on 4/5/2016)


Garrett ACE 400 Panel


Garrett ACE 400