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Two new promos on Teknetics direct - for T2+ bundle and G2+! 0

Two new promos on Teknetics direct – for T2+ bundle and G2+!

Hey guys! There are two outstanding promos on Tek-Direct right now. The T2+ Introductory special $549 and the G2+ at $449! Don’t miss this deal, save more than $250 with PROMO CODE: A1479 Order here: TekneticsDirect metal detectors Some videos about Teknetics T2+: Team Teknetics hunts: And part one: Do you have a good metal detector? No? It’s time to upgrade yours! Hurry up till the deal is available!

First look at the Teknetics T2+ kit (promo code+) 0

First look at the Teknetics T2+ kit (promo code+)

This year Teknetics anounced it’s new Teknetics T2+ metal detector. What is new? It is the same legendary Teknetics T2 green, but with added Boost mode – for more depth to small targets and updated software. So for the reasonable price we’ve got a very deep T2 metal detector and Boost more to get a more small finds from the already detected spots! What is a great deal, guys! Promo...


Fisher/Teknetics – News From IWA 2018! (Novelties, Photos+)

Last week in Germany there was an IWA 2018 exhibition, which was originally an exhibition of only arms and for the civil market, but then it evolved into a regular outdoors exhibition in which manufacturers and major players in the civilian products market for active outdoor lifestyle are exhibited. This also includes the manufacturers of metal detectors. Let’s start, perhaps, with the company First Texas Products. As it is known,...


How To Make Your Detector Foldable? Teknetics T2 As An Example! (Homemade, Photos+)

Do you want to upgrade your metal detector? Well, then this may be something for you! The story of this invention is actually very simple: One guy in the UK was very tired of constantly disassembling and assembling his Teknetics T2 metal detector for detecting, and because he is not lazy, he sat down and came up with a simple and convenient solution. I do not know if it was...


Teknetics T2 Review and First Impressions (Info, Thoughts, Photos +)

Before I start off this review, I want to shortly have the attention of my Norwegian readers:   Før jeg starter denne anmeldelsen av Teknetics T2 metalldetektor, vil jeg bare kort henvende meg til mine norske lesere. T2 er en ganske undervurdert metalldetektor på det norske markedet. Den er en bestselger over alt, bortsett fra i Norge ettersom den først nylig ble introdusert til det norske markedet. T2 er forløperen til Fisher F75...

Promo code for Tekneticsdirect or how to save on your Teknetics metal detectors order? (Facts, code+) 0

Promo code for Tekneticsdirect or how to save on your Teknetics metal detectors order? (Facts, code+)

Hi friends! Do you want to order new metal detector directly from manufacturer and save your money? + GET FREE SHIPPING! Such a great offer! Use promo code A1479 Order online: tekneticsdirect.com How to order? Visit TekneticsDirect.com web-page: Choose your metal detector you want to order: Click “BUY NOW”: Then click on “VIEW CART”: Then register on the web page and fill all of the forms: ADD PROMO CODE: A1479...


Teknetics T2 or Minelab X-Terra 705? Which professional detector to choose!

Soon the season will start and it’s time to get a professional metal detector to get around all the good places where you had finds last year. Think there is nothing there anymore? In vain. There will be finds, but they will be found by the first people to get there at the start of the season. Every spring I pick up on many places with lot of coins. Every...

gold coin detected teknetics T2 15000 USD worth amazing find with metal detector 0

$15,000 USD worth coin detected in Venice, Italy (gold coin, photos+)

I love cool finds! Do you know that feeling when you are going out for detecting in the morning, evening or whatever and you find this! Gold. Who have danced a golden dance? Just let me know – I will share your stories too! And sometimes you detect this… Gold coin and just an amazing find. Then you check it and realise that i costs over $15,000.00 You have right...

Teknetics T2 metal detector finds 0

Nice finds with Teknetics T2 metal detector – compilation + photos

Hi friends! Not many times ago I’ve posted about Teknetics T2, what detector is it and how to use it. Check this out, there is a lot of must see before you start videos! Teknetics T2 is a pretty popular machine and probably, if you are going to get it or you already have it you are interested to check some finds detected by T2. Let’s check this out! John...

Teknetics T2 metal detector 1

All you need to know about Teknetics T2 metal detector – review and tips

Another legend in world of metal detecting – Teknetics T2, professional metal detector manufactured and designed by Teknetics company in Texas, USA. Should place there – Made in Texas and gonna be proud of it. With that device you have everything you need for coin and relic hunting, to be honest, checking that features is making me impressed. What do we have? Usual 0-99 target ID, double filter discrimination modes...