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Teknetics T2 or Minelab X-Terra 705? Which professional detector to choose!

Soon the season will start and it’s time to get a professional metal detector to get around all the good places where you had finds last year. Think there is nothing there anymore? In vain. There will be finds, but they will be found by the first people to get there at the start of the season. Every spring I pick up on many places with lot of coins. Every...


Goodbye Minelab Eureka Gold!

It is now official that after 20 years of production, the Minelab Eureka Gold metal detector has ceased production. This is due to the release of a new detector, the Gold Monster 1000 , which we have written about here. However, technical support and service will not stop just yet, so that you can hang your Eureka Gold metal detector on the wall of a¬†museum.   Source


Minelab Gold Monster 1000 – a new detector from the Australian company (Photos, video +)

It seems that the company Minelab has begun to update its line of detectors, and this is good news. A new metal detector from Minelab has long been rumored, everyone thought it would be kind of further development of the series X-Terra, but it seems that the pursuit of the not yet fully developed markets in Africa and the Middle East fills the minds of all major manufacturers. Minelab Gold...


Tips and settings for Minelab E-Trac (+ Video)

To this day i haven’t written so much about the Minelab E-Trac here. We have kind-of undeservedly passed by this detector, which is not good. We hope to fix that very soon.ūüėČ The internet contains a lot of¬†unnecessary information, and therefore it sometimes¬†is very difficult to find something useful for a ¬†E-Trac user, especially for those just starting out. I will try, in the new season 2017, to change this...

Garrett Z-Lynk or Minelab PRO-SONIC: Who will be first with launching a universal wireless audio module? 0

Garrett Z-Lynk or Minelab PRO-SONIC: Who will be first with launching a universal wireless audio module?

Just a couple of weeks ago guys from Garrett announced new universal wireless audio module called Garrett Z-Lynk. Everybody knows that it is a future of detecting – when you have wireless devices and you don’t worry about cables and all of that stuff, but one thing is to announce and another is to prepare and release it on the market. We’ve heard about new developings, like guys from Nokta...


3 Frequency NEL Tornado Coil for Minelab X-Terra metal detectors (review, facts +)

My main metal detector used to be the Garrett AT PRO. I wrote a lot about it in the beginning, when i just had created the blog. Then I sold it and bought a Minelab X-Terra 705 with two coils. Naturally, the detector had a great impression on me, because it was on a higher level of functionality than the AT PRO. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I do not know. AT PRO was good,...


Minelabs war against XP Detectors – will they survive? (And Depar Detector +, facts)

The French XP Detectors company has a hard life. Minelab, a leading company for more than a decade on the market, are threatening the XP Deus company. XP Detectors and their partner in the United States started stealing technology from the Australians, and it seems like they are beginning to suffer. And not only they, but also their distributors. We have written about how all this started in this article: Did...


Did XP Detectors steal technology from Minelab? (facts, proof+)

The detecting season ends not only for diggers, but also manufacturers of metal detectors. For them it is time to roll out new products, start improving previous detectors and develop new technologies and systems. But they also are aware about stealing technology, which were spent big sums of money on developing, especially if we are talking about the company Minelab, the famous manufacturer of metal detectors. And we have already heard about Chinese copying...


Destroying detectors worth $ 9 million? Minelab destroys fake devices (photo+)

China is ahead of the rest. It seems like they love to take and copy something expensive, and they are pretty good at it too! But one thing will remain the same: the quality will be very low and very far from the original. But maybe there is no differences between the same phones that are manufactured in China, but highly professional instruments like metal detectors, the Chinese still do not know how...


New coil for GPZ 7000 will be available very soon! (video+)

Hot news from Australia regarding GPZ 19 Super-D Coil will be available for purchase quite soon! Sales in Australia starts on 14th of November 2016 and soon all around the globe. GPZ 19 coil will take much more deeper – plus¬†average 30%. Moreover, it has more ground coverage and less noise. Well, it’s definitely will be one level up for the owner of such an outstanding gold-hunting machine like Minelab...