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Garrett AT MAX Is Already Showing Sellers – What’s New? (Videos+)

The new metal detector Garrett AT Max is already in full swing among sellers, but, so far only in the US. In the same place, this detector has already been in in the spotlight of different bloggers on YouTube – and this is good, because the detector must go through the detection of potential problems, so that the mass produced model is reliable and stable. Previously, we wrote about the...


The New Detector Garrett AT MAX – What Is Known And What Will Happen? (Update, Video News +)

Garrett has recently announced its new product – the metal detector Garrett AT MAX. We have already written about these news here: The new metal detector Garrett AT Max. Many diggers have talked about the similarity of appearance of the new Garrett and the AT Pro- and I too thought that Garrett only slightly updated its popular model Garrett AT Pro, increasing the brightness, updating the sound transmitter to work with...


Digging In Germany With The Ace 150! (Amazing Finds, Coins, War Relics, Photos+)

I was recently on a trip to Germany, and long story short, I didn’t bring my Fisher F75. But fortunately, my friend had a detector. It wasn’t quite the F75, it was an ACE 150 with the standard coil. “At least it is better than nothing”, I thought. And I was certainly right. So, after arriving to Germany, me and my friend Marco Schmitt, who I was visiting, went out...


New Metal Detector From Garrett? (Promised The 6th Of May, We Wait!)

The company Garrett has recently rolled out some new detectors, and more are yet to come. The “Ace” line recently received some upgrades – the new Ace 200-300-400, but the AT PRO / GOLD and even the old GTI 2500 has not had an upgrade for a while. But Garrett did not disappoint, promising to show a new detector on the 6th of May.   In the video very little is clear – the new coil is...


Garrett Z-Lynk: First field test (works as it should!)

I left recently on a cop, and finally opened the season! The dirt is already good in the forest, and more or less in the field. In the filed there is another problem, if you dig a little deeper the ground is like stone, not very convenient to dig. And so, what did i have with me? As always – the “carrot” pointer ( the AT Pro Pointer), the metal detector Teknetics...


Why choose Garrett Z-Lynk?

We got hold of the Garrett Z-Lynk for 129 EUR in February 2017. How is this different from a set of cheap Chinese devices, you may ask? Well here is the answer! 1. The manufacturer assures us that the transmission rate is very high and there is no delay. Rather, it is little, it is equal to 17 milliseconds – that’s 0,017 seconds! This is six times faster than Bluetooth. 2. This...


The sales of Garrett’s wireless module Z-Lynk has started! (+ Review)

Fellow detectorists, I hasten to inform you: the sales of the new wireless module Garret Z-Lynk has already started in the United States! Soon they are expected in Europe, where dealers have collected pre-orders. MSRP of $ 150 was confirmed. Moreover, I’ve noticed that prices for pre-order from dealers can vary significantly – there are proposals to acquire the module for 130 dollars! 😉 The set consists of the following...


Fisher F75 Unboxing! (What is in the kit? +Video)

So i finally received my Fisher F75, and i made a video of the unboxing! The kit that i bought contained the Fisher F75, Coil cover, rain covers and the Garrett ProPointer-AT. And here is the video itself, enjoy!