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Hoards of Roman relics being found in England (+history lesson)

Am i the only one who have noticed that in the last time there has been a lot of news reports about hoards of roman coins and relics being found in England? Is it because of new and better detecting equipment or because of more people taking to this hobby? What do you think? For example not so long ago a hoard of over 2000 roman coins and other relics including...

Makro Racer 2 depth test metal detector review 0

Makro Racer 2 depth test (interesting result!)

At my opinion every test is just like some spherical horse in a vacuum, but at least it useful for guys who are looking for a new detector, just to get know, how it probably works. But I want to tell you – never trust so much to tests, every detector will bring you a lot of finds and most of the good finds were detected by cheap detectors. I...


Men accused of illegal metal detecting at historical site

Two men were caught illegally metal detecting at a historical site in Peterborough, England. They were caught metal detecting in a former Roman town which is a protected site. They were found guilty at Peterborough Court for these criminal actions: attempted stealing, being equipped to steal and using a detector on a protected area without permission.They both recieved 12 month community service, 200 hours free work, and a fine of £300. Do you think they deserved it? The detectorists...


Swedish silver coin from 1692 (photos+)

Greetings from the field! A couple of days ago I have found nice quite big silver coin from the Swedish time dated 1692. It was discovered while digging on a farmer’s field near the old village on depth about 30 cm using my Nokta Fors Relic detector. The signal was strong and clear enough! Describing the find it’s related to Charles XI, probably the greatest of all Swedish kings. He is...

XP Deus depth test highly mineralized ground metal detector 0

XP Deus depth test on highly mineralized ground

It’s a lot of talks about XP Deus metal detector. The lightweight machine with incredible power and possibilities for detecting, but is it true? I don’t know, how much people so much of opinion you will find. Depth test on highly mineralized ground made by guy ziggyjinx – he has a Youtube channel with lots of tests. What is your opinion about this test? I guess that video gives us...


Woman got back lost £10 000 diamond ring

A British tourist was reunited with her precious diamond ring after she lost it in the Mediterranean Sea on holiday. The £10,000 family ring slipped off her finger while she was swimming in deep water. The platinum ring had been in her family for three generations until she lost it. When she came home she contacted a retired diver named George Edmunds. She agreed to pay for his ticket to fly him to Majorca to...


Amazing WW1 german helmets find in France (photos+)

Great news from France! Lot of German camo helmets (mostly M16 type) found in France. Really awesome find! Except helmets there were some gas masks, containers for gas masks and canteens. All refer to WW1 German army. Awesome condition for such items left in ground for more than 100 years! Take a look at these photos! Tell us about Your WW1 finds! More war relics finds here !


Makro Pointer pinpointer review

I cannot believe that at first i was going detecting without a pinpointer. I remember when i used like 5 minutes just to find a small coin. With a pinpointer i save a lot of that time. There are many different pinpointers out there with different features and price tags, and therefore it may be difficult to choose one. That is why i write this reveiw to maybe help some of...