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Gold ducat coin found in Ukraine

Really nice and quite rare gold ducat coin found in Ukraine. It’s Sigismund I of Sweden or Zygmunt III of Poland, dated 1625. Starting bid in auction was about 1000 EUR, now it’s already 2000… let’s see the final value. The same luck to all of you, guys! Other interesting finds see here !


Review Nokta Fors Relic. Part I. Search modes (depth test+)

Today I am going to tell about Turkish detector Nokta Fors Relic since I’ve been using it already for half a year.  Let’s begin with Search modes implemented in this device. There are six different ones – GEN, DI2, DI3, COG, DEP and SWT. To be honest, there is a choice to think about. General Mode is the same as All Metals mode in some other detectors. It’s actually the...

Roman gold coin find with Minelab X-Terra 705 and Nel Tornado 0

Roman gold coin find – always an event (photos+)

Finding a gold coin is always a big event. Even if it’s a Roman Empire aureus. This coin will be a top find and coin for your collection, that is such story to be told for many times to friends and local diggers. A guy from Ukraine have found such a golden coin and he made a video about it. Just interesting to see how did he get it. I...


First look at the CORS Giant coil! (part 1)

So i finally got the CORS Giant coil! At first sight it looks amazing! I recieved it in a neat, yellow package with their logo written on it. So let us take a look at what is inside this package! Looks nice right? Besides the CORS coil you get the Rubber rings for fixing the coil on the stem, a fixing bolt, a very handy Velcro cable strap, a warranty and...


Exploring German WW2 Bunkers (+photos, finds and video!)

When I first started metal detecting I was thinking about places to detect, so I asked some locals that has lived here a long time. I got a lot of good suggestions, and a veteran told me about a place near the beach where there used to be multiple German bunkers and positions. I had heard that there might have been German positions some place around there by other people,...


The rumor about Minelab

Some bloggers recently wrote that the future of the known company Minelab “is not looking bright”. They wrote that Minelabs “top executive” Gary Schafer left the company to sell “umbrellas, pens and stickers”. Therfore we decided to do a little “research” and find out, are these rumors true? Are these simply rumors created by bloggers who are eager for attention and sensation, and who are trying to convince us this is true? First of all: Yes, Gary Schafer has...

New nel coil thunder 2016 metal detector 0

New coil by Nel – model Thunder (will be announced soon) – updated

Around couple of months ago I’ve heard about new project by Nel, but noone knew what project is it and what coil would it be. For today I got only these, I wouldn’t share any names, but got this picture by one of my blog follower – Nel Thunder coil will be released in September 2016, so stay tuned, I will get more news probably soon and as addition some...

Nel coils Ukraine leader 2016 0

Nel is a top manufacturer in Ukraine?

So recently the guys from Nel had full reason be proud over a new diploma and a great achivement:- “Best company of 2016”. Even though the year is not quite finished, in Ukraine they have already started giving out titles. For a company that produces metal detectors and gadgets for this hobby, this is always good news. It “promotes” our beloved hobby, it gives us better reputation, and sets us...

Garrett ACE 400 tests review 0

Several Garrett ACE 400 tests – what do you need to know before you will get it

Still looking for your first detector or you are going to change your old beginners detector, but don’t know what to choose? Let’s start to post some more info about beginners level detectors, so you will check a tests, reviews and most likely you will make your own opinion about detectors. First will be a Garrett ACE 400 (ACE 400i outside of USA). Let’s start! We all love airtests. But...


Metal detecting drone!

So i recently came across an interesting new invention, which uses a very unique method for getting rid of landmines. Around 20 thousand people are each year killed or hurt by landmines that are left after wars. Therfore the military and goverment of the affected lands are desperate for effective methods to get rid of them. This one may be one of the best solutions so far. The mine-drone is basically a radio-controlled...