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76.2 mm Regimental Gun M1927 Found In Estonia (Photos+)

The 2018 detecting season has not only begun for the diggers of coins in the fields because war-relic hunters have also started. This year, the members of the Otsing Club (“detecting club”) found a 76.2-mm regimental gun, the 1927 model, in the swamps of Narva. A total of 18,000 such guns were produced, of which only a small number have survived to this day. It’s good that in Estonia, the...

Two new promos on Teknetics direct - for T2+ bundle and G2+! 0

Two new promos on Teknetics direct – for T2+ bundle and G2+!

Hey guys! There are two outstanding promos on Tek-Direct right now. The T2+ Introductory special $549 and the G2+ at $449! Don’t miss this deal, save more than $250 with PROMO CODE: A1479 Order here: TekneticsDirect metal detectors Some videos about Teknetics T2+: Team Teknetics hunts: And part one: Do you have a good metal detector? No? It’s time to upgrade yours! Hurry up till the deal is available!


Finds – Russian Coins In England (Photos+)

It so happened that I am subscribed to different pages and communities of various diggers around the world on Facebook, as well as to all the pages of metal detector manufacturers. How can I be without this, otherwise there will be no place to scoop up information about new items and various interesting finds. I am a member in a small, but very cozy community of one manufacturer of analog metal...


Choosing The XP Deus – What Kit Should You Buy? (Diggers Tips+)

Even when I chose my next metal detector for the new season, I stayed on the XP Deus. There are a lot of reasons for this, but there are sites of proven metal detector sellers that sell a large number of sets of this metal detector. At first, when I was still not particularly interested in Deus and its bundles, this fact caused a small headache for me and made...


MI-4 – A New Pinpointer From XP! (New For 2018!)

The company XP Detectors seems to have decided to enter the pinpointer market more fundamentally and have released a simplified version of the MI6 pin-pointer. What is the difference? It’s simple – the MI4 is an ordinary pin-pointer without the ability to connect to the XP Deus detector. Basically, all the same settings, it is still possible with underwater detecting down to 6 meters, 6 search programs, 3 sensitivity levels...


Garrett Pro Pointer AT Z Lynk – The New Pinpointer From Garrett! (Data, Photos+)

It seems that 2018 is the year of pinpointers. New pinpointers from Fisher/Teknetics arrived on the market, then XP Detectors released their MI4, and now Garrett brings their update of the popular “carrot”, the PRO Pointer, to the market. So, meet the new pinpointer Garrett PRO Pointer AT Z-Lynk, that will soon go on sale. What is this novelty? According to technical data, the old carrot has been thoroughly reworked...

First look at the Teknetics T2+ kit (promo code+) 0

First look at the Teknetics T2+ kit (promo code+)

This year Teknetics anounced it’s new Teknetics T2+ metal detector. What is new? It is the same legendary Teknetics T2 green, but with added Boost mode – for more depth to small targets and updated software. So for the reasonable price we’ve got a very deep T2 metal detector and Boost more to get a more small finds from the already detected spots! What is a great deal, guys! Promo...


Makro Kruzer – The First Update Is Available For Installation! (Instructions+)

The metal detector manufacturer Makro have released their first update for the detectors Makro Kruzer and Multi Kruzer. You can download it from the link in this picture, just click on it: This update affects small changes in the functionality of the metal detector: 1. With a low battery charge, the warning indicator now flashes to attract attention. 2. The detected object depth is now displayed longer on the display....


Minelab – News From The IWA Exhibition 2018 (Photos+)

This will be the final post about the IWA exhibition 2018 in Germany will be about Minelab. No more detecting manufacturers were present on this exhibition, and therefore there is nothing more to write about. Minelab arrived with a very large stand this year. I managed to visit them and talk with the team about future developments and their plans to create new models of metal detectors. However, let’s start in...