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Unusual old badge found (+ Photos)

I present to you an object that even experts had trouble identifying. A round copper disc that looks much like a coin, except that the pattern is present only on one side of it. Photo of the find after cleaning: And what is this really? Well, it is a token from the Dutch city of Groningen with the value of of three pennies. On the token we can see a two-headed eagle with...


Which of the cheapest pinpointers to choose? (Deteknix XPointer or Mars MD Pointer)

The detecting season will start soon and many of the diggers will face a dilemma of pin pointer choice. Some good finds are already sold, probably, but you don’t have a lot of extra money to spend on expensive equipment, so take a look at what are the cheaper alternative to the amazing Garrett PRO Pointer AT (really good pointer) and XP MI-6, which will soon appear in stores (there...


How I found a Roman Legion Stamp! (Diggers story – without a metal detector!)

The idea of this trip came completely random, on a warm summer evening in one of Amsterdam’s parks. My friend and I were sitting on a bench and drinking wine, thinking about how to spend the weekend. The wine was German, and that led us to the idea, why not go to Germany and dig for some antiquities? We decided not to go by train or bus, but with the...


Finding a Wallet! (Diggers Story, + Photos)

Prestory; It was in 2014. Autumn. It was raining all week and ended only to the weekend. We went looking for mushrooms. And with our luck we managed to get lost. Somehow we managed to find a sand road (paved military path through the woods). We had no maps, and the GPS did not show the forest roads. After four hours of driving, by some miracle, I arrived at a...


Fisher F75 Unboxing! (What is in the kit? +Video)

So i finally received my Fisher F75, and i made a video of the unboxing! The kit that i bought contained the Fisher F75, Coil cover, rain covers and the Garrett ProPointer-AT. And here is the video itself, enjoy!  


A Hoard Of Garrett Ace Detectors (which one to choose?)

  In 2016, Garrett presented a restyled line of detectors for beginners and professionals – Garrett ACE 200 / 200i, ACE 300 / 300i and ACE 400 / 400i. To clarify the similarities and differences between these models in order to make it easier for you, I will explain it now. To start off, all the new detectors have a VDI in the range of 1 to 99, as well as...

"Hallstatt" Bronze Sword Sold For $3560 (One more great find!) 0

“Hallstatt” Bronze Sword Sold For $3560 (One more great find!)

Here is a perfect example of a known type of bronze swords, the “Hallstatt”. This one was sold at an auction in January 2017 for $ 3560. It was found during detecting in a forest in the Khmelnitsky region, Ukraine. Similar bronze swords were popular throughout Europe in the 7-3 centuries BC, although relatively rarely to come across in a such condition. Hallstatt, an area in today Austria, where this sword is believed...


Metal Detecting Ban Enforced In Mill Creek

A new ban on metal detecting is now being enforced in the Mill Creek MetroParks. The County Detecting Club members are often searching in parks like these, that causing more than 150 members to wonder why they can no longer enjoy their peaceful hobby in the Mill Creek MetroParks. “We would just like to know a reason why,” Mike Borosko, the president of the club stated. “I live near the...


It’s time to upgrade Your Fisher F75 / F75 LTD

New season is coming and it’s time to think about Your detectors and treasure hunting equipment. Fisher Labs, one of the most famous US manufacture offers to make some upgrade to their main professional machine Fisher F75 or F75 LTD. There are different options and corresponding prices provided on the page http://www.fisherlab.com/hobby/upgrade.htm . There You can find all details and make a purchase till 31st of April 2017. Read more...


When a small coin is worth a million (Super find, + Photos)

At first glance, it looks like an ordinary coin. 350 years ago, you could maybe use it to dine in a restaurant, sip a good ale, but no more. Now you can more or less buy a whole farm. This story took place in 2014. The name of the lucky detectorist is John Stoner. Near the village of Kings Klipstoun in Nottinghamshire (England), he found a rare silver coin from the 17th century,...